Leaving For Summer Camp On Sunday June 19th

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What: Meet up to load your gear in the trailer and head out for Summer Camp
When: 1:00 pm on Sunday June 19th
Where: Lenoir Mall parking lot on the old Belks side next to Mulberry Rec

We will pull out of the lot at 1:30pm to get to camp by our assigned check-in time of 2:30pm. After everyone gets their gear loaded into the trailer, we’ll take a few photos and then head out for Summer Camp at Camp Bud Schiele.

BRING YOUR DR. SIGNED HEALTH FORM – if you haven’t already turned one in to Mr. Green. If you ain’t got one – you cannot go to camp!

EAT LUNCH BEFORE YOU COME – there will be no lunch meal served at camp and we are not stopping on the way.

WEAR YOUR CLASS A UNIFORM – look sharp, we always travel in our class As to show our Scout Spirit!


2017 Summer Camp